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EMERGENCY CALL USA is the 9-1-1 & Emergency contacts App designed for use in the United States of America.★ EMERGENCY CALL USA can assist with getting help from Law Enforcement, Medical, Fire and other agencies. Plus you can save two of your OWN Emergency contacts and call them directly from the App.
★ On the App the user can see a map of where they are including their address and longitude/latitude. The user can then provide their location to the Emergency Call Taker, Personal Emergency Contact or other agency. This may assist with getting help easier, quicker and more accurate.
★ Once the user has completed the call to 9-1-1 the app has the added benefit (if you wish to use it) of transmitting a Text message to two saved emergency contacts advising them that an Emergency call has been made including the address, longitude and latitude.
★ Directly from the App you can contact:✔ 9-1-1 (Law Enforcement, Medical & Fire)✔ Two of your own Emergency Contacts✔ Crime Stoppers USA✔ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): Report Threats and Crime✔ National Suicide Prevention and Crisis Lifeline✔ National Suicide Prevention and Crisis Lifeline Ayuda en Español✔ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA's) National Helpline✔ Veteran's Crisis Line✔ Disaster Distress Helpline✔ National Child Abuse Hotline✔ The Domestic Violence Hotline✔ National Sexual Assault Hotline✔ American Red Cross✔ Poison Control Center✔ National Runaway Safeline✔ National Human Trafficking Resource CenterWhat's the location of your Emergency?
Be prepared: Download EMERGENCY CALL USA.
* Please ensure you enable location services on your device.
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